Audio transcripts

Audio transcription involves writing down what is said in a video. Our clients ask us to make an audio transcript when they do not have the script for their video. This is often the case with testimonial-style videos and interviews.

A transcript can also be required for audio recordings such as letter dictation, meetings, assessors’ reports, talks and so on, and for telephone recordings.

The transcript is generally the first stage before translation.

There are three levels of transcription: complete word-for-word, reviewed and condensed.

Complete word-for-word transcripts (verbatim):

Here every word spoken is noted, including language mannerisms and hesitations. This service is used for any discourse where authenticity has to be proved (municipal council meetings, etc.). A “cleaned up” version of the complete transcript is possible, in order to eliminate all elements that detract from the clarity of what is said.

Reviewed transcripts

Everything said is noted, but repetitions and language mannerisms are eliminated. Inaccurate terms of phrase are also corrected so that everything is written in clear, grammatically-correct English, French or other transcription language.

Condensed transcript

This type of service can be requested in the form of minutes of a meeting. It is a discipline that requires greater care, where the transcriber needs to be very familiar with the client’s line of business or with the subject covered.

To provide you with a transcript quote, we will need to look at your video or audio recording, because the quality of the recording will have a direct impact on the time it takes our operator to process it.

The average price for a complete standard transcript is €2.90 per minute of recording.

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