Multilingual SEO



Developing your company internationally means adapting your communication media to your future target audiences. Marketing and legal documents, together with your website, all need to be translated into the language of your future clients.

In addition to translating your website so your clients can find you, you will also need to factor in Search Engine Optimisation. So when considering SEO, think “multilingual SEO”.

To facilitate optimisation, use the right keywords

Putting a website online involves analysing keywords beforehand to enable potential clients to find you through search engines. This also applies to translating a website. Search engine optimisation means that it is crucial to employ key expressions that reflect your business.

But it is also important not to “run before you can walk”. Web translation involves adapting the content for each country targeted, and thus choosing the right keywords. You should not translate the keywords used in your country of origin: the terms used for one country will not be the same in the country you want to get a foot in. Think LOCALISATION.

Localise your keywords to increase your visibility

At TradOnline, we assist you on your journey towards internationalisation, and can provide a study on SEO opportunities for every country targeted.

Starting from your keywords, our native-language translators can provide a list of localised keywords reflecting the uses and customs of their country.

If you do not have a list of keywords, our partner will draw one up, which will also be localised for all countries.

Increase traffic to your site through SEO

Perhaps your company already has a multilingual site, but your turnover is not taking off as you would like. If your sites are not optimised for local search engines, TradOnline can rewrite and adapt your content.

After pinpointing high potential keywords for creating traffic in your target countries, our teams optimise the various contents and SEO tags of your website (page title, H1, H2, alt, URL-specific, and so on).

If you wish to boost your traffic through paid optimisation campaigns on search engines (Adwords, Bing Ads, etc.), we can translate and localise all your ads. Just ask your Project Manager.

Ask for a quote!

Let our friendly project managers take care of your translation needs!

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