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TradOnline becomes part of the Tradutec group

TradOnline SARL was founded in 2008 by Danièle and Mathieu Maréchal assisted by Vincent Rivalle.

In June 2016, TradOnline was bought out by the Tradutec group and now complements the range of services offered by the group.


Nevertheless, TradOnline remains TradOnline: same name, same philosophy, same start-up spirit, same sales policy.


Key figures – Tradutec group

50 years of experience serving your translation needs

1962    : Creation of TRADUTEC by Patrice BONNEFOUS
1975    : Creation of the Cabinet Bonnefous (legal translations). M. Bonnefous was an Expert Translator at the Appeals Court of Paris
1982    : Acquisition of BILIS TRADUCTIONS (financial translations)
1989    : Acquisition of TRADUCTOR (technical translations) and creation of TRADUTEC MEDITERRANEE
1991    : Acquisition of SOTRATECH (technical translations)
1996    : Acquisition of KRAUS BIOMEDICAL (medical translations)
1997    : Development of “Tradulog”, a Sales Management software application adapted to translation projects
1998    : Creation of TRADULUX (Luxembourg)
2001    : Creation of TRADUTEC BELGIUM (Brussels)
2004    : Éric BONNEFOUS is appointed General Manager of the TRADUTEC group
2005    : Acquisition of IPAC Translations (medical translations)
2010    : Acquisition of D and V Translation (Brussels)
2014    : Acquisition of BEAUTY WORDS (Marketing and Luxury translation)
2014    : Éric BONNEFOUS is appointed Expert Translator at the Appeals Court of Pau
2016    : Acquisition of TradOnline (specializing in translations for the web)


Development of TradOnline

Our turnover has been constantly growing since 2008.

The key to our success? Our network of native and qualified translators and the way we deal with our clients: we listen to their requirements and advise them on their translation projects, thus enabling themto save time and money.



























Logo Made In Mayenne

Professional translator?

Hi, I’m Katja, a freelance translator from both English and French into German. I was contacted by TradOnline for the first time in 2011 by one of their project managers to collaborate on a large project; this was a real turning point for me. Since then, we have established a true partnership. I work regularly with a number of project managers on a whole variety of projects. What sets TradOnline apart from the others is the care that they bring to the preparation and operation of their projects. There is always dialogue and communication to ensure that everything is of the highest quality.

When TradOnline is happy with my work, they offer me further translations or proofreadings for the same client/project. This helps guarantee that the style and terminology remains consistent, therefore increasing my personal involvement as well as benefiting everyone else involved. The TradOnline team is very friendly and proactive, and I feel completely at ease working with them.


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Questions about your translation project? Feel free to reach out to our Project Managers!

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